The Accident Compensation Corporation would like to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce our service standard, how to make an accident compensation claim, what are measures taken in handling victim’s grievances, which accidents included in the scheme, funding, and different types of compensation.

The primary aim of the accident compensation scheme is to help prevent accidents, assist as much as it could towards the rehabilitation of victims injured by accidents and to provide for financial compensation to persons affected as a result of accident covered by the scheme.

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Medical Expenses
Reasonable medical expenses incurred in respect of first aid, maintenance as a patient in any hospital and physiotherapy are payaple including prescriptions.

Transport Expenses
Reasonable cost of transport for medical treatment and checkups as advised by the medical pratitioner.
Loss of Earning
Weekly compensation for loss of earnings as a worker is up to 70% of earnings with a ceiling of $1000.00 tala per week. This payment is non taxable, and may be payable for up to 5 years.

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ACC Samoa Safety promotion and rehabilitation are mandated as some of the core functions of the Corporation in the Accident Compensation Act 1989
What We Do?
The Safety Promotion and Rehabilitation Division is responsible for the promotion of workers' safety in workplaces and any other environmental setting such as at home, sports, recreation and etc; and for the general public's safety in the use of specified conveyances namely any type of motor vehicle on roads and any sea going vessel propelled by an engine; and for the medical and vocational rehabilitation of persons who become incapacitated ........

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