Administration Division

Administration Division

The Division is managed by the Manager Administration directly responsible to the General Manager for the daily operation of the Division (see structure of the Division).

The Administration Division provides support services to the Corporation in order to create an efficient and effective workforce performance through the use of limited resources.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of services to the staff as well as the public through administering a clean and very hygienic Market at Fugalei, the ACC Complex building and the ACC House.

Some Functions and Duties

  • Administer/managed the operation and maintenance of the ACC House, ACC Complex and the Food and Produce Market and the Food Court at Fugalei
  • Assist and support other Divisions for the effective and efficient performance of their duties and responsibilities
  • Manage and facilitate the maintenance of the Corporation assets and resources
  • Select, recruit, evaluate, appraise, and train the Corporation personnel
  • Review Corporate Plan, organisational structure, and staff working conditions

The Food and Produce Market and the Food Court at Fugalei

The purpose of this Market is to assist farmers with a clean and healthy venue to sell their fresh fruits, vegetables and crops. It also offers spaces for those that want to sell handicrafts and handmade products. The Market is expanded to include services such as Automatic Teller Machines from the Samoa Commercial Bank the Bank South Pacific and the Samoa Sports Lotto. There are also 20 blocks for selling ready made products for the convenience of the public.

The Food Court was opened on the 31st May 2018 by the Minister of Public Enterprises, Hon. Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell. The Food Court housed nine restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines at a very low and affordable price.

There is also a Green House built for the need of those that requested to sell seedlings, medicinal herbs, fruiting plants and ornamental plants and to assist with the distribution and selling of crop seedlings for the benefit of farmers and the public.

The Market at Fugalei is a must visit place.

Address all correspondence to:

The General Manager
Accident Compensation Corporation
Level 5 ACC House
P.O. Box 3700
Fax:    23912
Ph: +685 23100 or 25152 [Market Office at Fugalei]