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(Before you claim the following benefits, you have to make sure your Employer is currently registered under ACC Levy.)

Medical Expenses
Reasonable medical expenses incurred in respect of first aid, maintenance as a patient in any hospital and physiotherapy are payaple including prescriptions.

Transport Expenses
Reasonable cost of transport for medical treatment and checkups as advised by the medical pratitioner.

Loss of Earning
Weekly compensation for loss of earnings as a worker is up to 70% of earnings with a ceiling of $1000.00 tala per week. This payment is non taxable, and may be payable for up to 5 years.

Permanent Injury
Compensation for permanent injury are available based on these conditions:
•    Where the loss or injury is less than 80% of total bodily functions, payment shall be made in a lump sum based on First Schedule of ACC Act 1989 or the % determined by the approved Medical Practitioner.
•    Where the loss or injury is 80% or more, payment may be made for the person’s lifetime or until the person is fully substantially recovered. The amount payable shall not exceed $1,000 per week.

Provision of Artificial Limb or Aid
Provision of any artificial limb or aid for that person becomes in the opinion of the Board necessary or desirable. It’s repair and renewal but not exceeding $150,000.

Funeral Grant
The sum of $4,000.00 is payable by way of funeral grant. The corporation shall determine the person to whom such grant has to be paid, preference to any surviving spouse of the deceased.

Compensation in the case of death
ACC will pay a lump sum amount of $20,000.00 to dependants of the deceased if the deceased has total dependant(s) or has both total and partial dependants at the time of the accident. This amount will be devided amongst the dependants.
Otherwise ACC will only pay a lump sum of up to $16,000 to partial dependant(s) if the deceased left no total dependant at the time of the accident. This amount will be divided amongst the dependants.

Weekly death compensation is payable at the rate of 70% of the deceased relevant earnings but not exceeding $1,000 per week.
The weekly death compensation may be payable for a period of up to 5 years

Special Payment upon death without accidents or injury

Deceased worker who has died of natural causes and not as a result of an accident covered by the act, the sum not exceeding $4,000.00 is payable in respect of the death of a deceased worker.

Care Living Allowance
The corporation may award a living allowance for the care needs of a person who has suffered as a result of an accident, provided such assistance does not exceed an amount equal to 60% of the minimum wage per week at the time of the accident. In awarding a care living allowance under this section, the corporation must consider the persons disability is sufficently severe for the person to suffer at least one of the following difficulties as stipulated under section 33(A) amendment Act 2009.

Mobility Allowance
The corportaion may award a mobility allowance for the mobility needs of a person has suffer as a result of an accident but not exceed an amount equal to 60% per week at the time of the accident. In awarding this allowance under this section, the corporation must consider the matter setout under subsection (3) of the ammendment act 2009 (Sec 33B)

Treatment overseas in special cases
Where the Board is of the opinion that treatment or rehabilitation training is not available locally, but is available outside of Samoa, and would be of substantial benefit to the injured person, it may pay or contribute to the cost but not exceeding $150,000.