The Division is under the guidance of the Manager Investigation and directly responsible to the General Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receive and register all claims
  • Investigate and conduct interview of claimants, dependants of deceased persons or a representative of a victim
  • Advise claimants about the Act and its applications
  • Prepare submissions for the General Manager
  • Prepare payment of entitlements and withdrawals from Trust Funds
  • Follow-up of claims on hand
  • Prepare submissions for closure of claims
  • Update records

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Safety promotion and rehabilitation are mandated as some of the core functions of the Corporation in the Accident Compensation Act 1989

What We Do:

The Safety Promotion and Rehabilitation Division is responsible for the  promotion of workers’ safety in workplaces and any other environmental setting such as at home, sports, recreation and etc; and for the general public’s safety  in the use of specified conveyances namely any type of motor vehicle on roads and any sea going vessel propelled by an engine;……….

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The Division is managed by the Manager Administration directly responsible to the General Manager for the daily operation of the Division.

In general the Division is responsible to provide supporting services to facilitate the operation of the Corporation and securing the human resources as well as maintenance of an efficient and effective framework and the efficient use of available resources.

Functions and Duties

  • Select and recruit personnel
  • Job evaluation, appraise staff performance and job training
  • Review staff conditions and update leave entitlements ……..
  • Information Technology
  • Maintenance

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The Division is under the guidance of the Manager Accounts who is directly responsible to the General Manager. This division is responsible for managing Annual Budgets, Accounts, Payroll and Levy Collection